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Economics of Taxation
15th Edition 2015/2016
by Simon James and Christopher Nobes

ISBN 978-1906201-28-9
Published August 2015

For over 30 years this textbook has been the leader in its field.

Now updated annually, the 2015/2016 edition of this book continues to provide a clear and authoritative introduction to the economic theory of taxation and to its practical operations in the UK.

Part 1 of the text examines the principles of taxation, whilst Part 2 gives a broad-based description and evaluation of the policy and practice of the UKs tax system, highlighting international comparisons.


  • Revised to include both of the 2015 Budgets and Finance Acts.
  • Numerical examples and illustrations intergrated throughout the text.
  • Chapter-by-chapter self assessment and discussion questions, with suggested answers to the self assessment questions at the end of the text.
This text is updated and revised annually.

The Economics of Taxation is suitable for undergraduates of all disciplines studying courses in taxation.

The Authors
Simon James BSc(Econ) MSc, MA, MBA, LLM, PhD, MEd, CTA (Fellow) is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Exeter

Christopher Nobes BA, PhD, FCCA is Professor of Accounting at Royal Holloway, University of London and at University of Sydney

"This is by far the best book in its field available today." - Andy Lymer, Professor of Accounting & Taxation, Deputy Dean of Birmingham Business School

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