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Taxation - Policy and Practice
20th Edition 2013/2014
by Andy Lymer and Lynne Oats

ISBN 978-1-906201-20-3
Published August 2013

Fully updated each year,Taxation: Policy and Practice continues to provide coverage of the UK's tax system as it has for 20 years.

The most widely used UK University tax textbook!

It is an excellent aid to support a first course in tax, or as a general introduction to this topic. Written in an accessible style with many examples, activities and questions throughout, this textbook gives the reader a thorough understanding of the UK's taxation principles and current practices. The companion website provides additional questions and answers, links to other tax materials available online and commentary on tax developments as they occur throughout the year.

While the UK tax system becomes ever more complicated and many text books and guides reflect this trend, Taxation: Policy and Practice 2013/2014 edition, maintains its clarity and brevity.

Reader friendly and informative, this text is based on a structured conceptual framework. Updated annually to ensure an accurate reflection of the current tax climate, it avoids unnecessary and confusing detail. It provides an ideal introduction to both macro and micro perspectives of UK taxation, fiscal policy and decision making.

• Fully updated and revised to include the Finance Act 2013
• Designed to support independent or classroom study.
• A glossary of key terms and concepts.
• More than 100 useful questions and mini case studies.
• A comprehensive package of further materials available for purchasers from the website including many extra exam and practice questions, with answers.
• Ideal for students studying UK tax for the first time for a degree course or for professional tax examinations for ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW, ICAS, CIPFA, ATT etc.

“An excellent balance of practice and theory, without non essential detail, makes this the first -choice student text for UK tax.”
Prof. John Hasseldine, University of Nottingham

“An excellent textbook which I have recommended to all my students.”
Professor Anne Redston, Department of Law, King's College London and Barrister, Temple Tax Chambers

“Tax is a subject that is difficult to successfully encapsulate in a student text. However, Andrew Lymer and Lynne Oats have produced not only a comprehensive, accessible and accurate book, but also with an appropriate blend of approaches and material.”
Prof. Rebecca Boden, University of Roehampton

Authors -

Andrew Lymer
Professor of Accounting & Taxation, University of Birmingham;

Lynne Oats
Professor of Taxation and Accounting, University of Exeter

Lecturer's materials -

A lecturer website to support this title is available to adopting lecturers of this book. Please contact us at lymer_oats@fiscalpublications.com for further details.

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