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This site contains support information for the Taxation: Policy and Practice text book produced by Ltd. Whilst every attempt has been taken to ensure the data and information presented in the book, and this support website, are full and accurate, neither the authors, nor the publishers undertake to confirm that all the data contained within the book, or this website, is complete, accurate and can be relied upon for any purpose. Where errors in the materials are brought to our attention they will be listed on the Erratum pages on this website. Users are advised to seek alternative confirmation of this information if they wish to rely upon it for tax planning or for any other purpose. Always seek the advice of a taxation expert when engaging in any tax planning activity.

Some of the news and other information on this site is provided by the Tax Faculty of the ICAEW. We acknowledge their permission to use their services in this way. For more details of the ICAEW Tax Faculty see their website. also acknowledges the permission to use news and other information from the Tax Zone website. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights for items under this agreement remain with Tax Zone and should be used in accordance with their usage policy (for details see this page). does not necessarily endorse or support the views expressed on Tax Zone. does not assume copyright over any items listed on this site where the source is acknowledged. This includes the KPMG Tax Business School cases (TM) where fully copyright belongs to KPMG, and the copyright for questions (and in some cases answers) from CIMA, ICAS and the ACCA (whose permission to use their material is acknowledged). In all other cases however, please respect our intellectual property by citing's UK Tax News Service as the source of any news item of ours you use, or other appropriate description for other parts of our website.

Permission is granted to use any news item we generate on these pages, provided source acknowledgement is given, and the use is for personal or non-commercial use. Use of other sections of the site is restricted to purchasers of the textbook, or approved, bonafide, lecturers who have been granted appropriate access ids by the team. No further distribution of restricted access material is allowed (including distribution of your password and id to non-purchasers of the book, or downloading and photocopying of this material for wider distribution). Misuse of purchasers' or lecturers' passwords or ids may result in suspension of access to the restricted material by that account at the discretion of the team.

All commercial use of any material from the book or this website is prohibited except with direct written permission of the authors.

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