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This section of the website contains resources of direct interest to students of UK taxation.

These resources include:

  • Multiple Choice Questions - questions for self testing on each chapter of the book. Use this to test your knowledge as you progress through the book - or save until the end of the course and use them to assist your revision NB to be launched shortly
  • Textbook Linked Materials - see here for all the additional material referred to from the textbook to go deeper into subjects not detailed further in the textbook itself.
  • Dissertation/Project Support - assistance and suggestions for help with selecting, planning, researching and writing up tax dissertations and projects as may be required for your course.

Using the Student Section of this website

Select one of the above to access these resources, or use the navigation options on the left hand side of this page.

On making a selection you will be asked to enter your userid and password to gain access to the age your requested. You can find your personal user id and password in the introductory section of the textbook (page xi). Please enter the user id and password as you were given it in the textbook - the login system is case sensitive. If you give a correct userid and password pair you will be told your log in is successful.

NOTE - these resources are only available to purchasers of the textbook. Please DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORDS OR USERIDS TO NON-PURCHASERS. You may print out the contents of this section for your personal use - but it MUST NOT BE SHARED WITH OTHER STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT PURCHASERS OF THE BOOK. This contravenes the usage policy of this site and may result in the suspension of your access rights to this material.

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